Becoming active, independent learners

There is a natural progression to Emeralds as the children become ‘rising three year-olds’. Our experienced and friendly team are able to support children to take calculated risks and become active, independent learners.


Incredible Imaginations

At this stage of their development children especially love making up stories, dressing-up and role play. The world is their oyster! They make dens (inside and out), love singing and are busy expanding their rapidly developing vocabularies through interaction with others and learning through play. We encourage role play, provide interesting 'home corners' based on both children's lines of interest and themes. Adults and children interact, making suggestions, asking questions and feeding imagination. Practitioners like to be creative, get involved, promote learning and, most importantly, have fun with the children!


Increasing Independence

Children in Emeralds enjoy regular, age-appropriate exercise sessions with practitioners and enjoy plenty of time at the woods, farm and playing in our mud kitchen and garden.

Children’s independence increases as they help prepare snacks, pour their own drinks and learn about the importance of healthy eating and self-care. Our practitioners promote and encourage everyday independent skills such as hand washing, putting on shoes and getting dressed; all of which help build confidence and develop important habits for life.

It may be around this time that your child shows signs that they are ready to begin toilet training. Our practitioners work closely with you as a family to ensure your child transitions through this important stage in their development in a relaxed manner, when the time is right.


A Rich Learning Environment

Children in Emeralds enjoy a rich learning environment which stimulates their imaginations while acquiring new skills. There is also an early introduction to phonics and numbers and the children spend time enjoying a very gentle introduction to more formal learning through fun activities and games with our practitioners.


Get in touch

To find out more information about the care and opportunities we can provide for your child, please send us a message or give us a call. We are always happy to help and are delighted to show people around. You can be sure of a warm welcome!


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