Areas for Each Age and Stage

Children’s rooms are divided into defined areas for each age and stage of development. We provide repeated and consistent experiences around making choices, sleep time, meal times, structured and free play. This sense of comfort helps to build children's emotional resilience and provides reassurance. 

Cosy & Homely Spaces

We ensure each area has cosy and homely spaces for children to take time out and relax, alongside a range of multi-sensory learning experiences for children to enjoy with practitioners and friends.


Tiny Twinkles Room

For the youngest babies in our care, Tiny Twinkles offers a calm, bright and nurturing environment where babies can feel emotionally safe and secure. They are given the time and space to explore with their keyperson during this time of rapid development and growth.

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Little Sparkles Room

Little Sparkles provides a well-organised and cheerful encounter for inquisitive minds! Our caring team of practitioners ensure children develop a sense of belonging as they become familiar with routines and expectations during the nursery day.

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Emeralds Room

Emeralds is our room for two to three year-olds and the team encourage independence and a sense of responsibility. Children at this age love to be scientists, explorers and inventors. Everything is an experiment, adventure, or opportunity to create and we provide the time, resources and support for the children in our care to do this.

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Sapphires, our Pre-School

With a range of resources and activities to support children to make choices and decisions, Sapphires is a great place to start the transition to primary school. Practitioners work with children in small and larger group situations, where communication is hugely important. We create an environment where talk and playing with language is highly valued.

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To find out more information about the care and opportunities we can provide for your child, please send us a message or give us a call. We are always happy to help and are delighted to show people around. You can be sure of a warm welcome!


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