01 Dec

Meet our new arrivals

Jubilee’s farm has come to life as children from Jubilee Day Nursery and Jubilee Gems meet its latest arrivals.

With the help of the nursery’s farmer, the children have been sitting on hay bales to hold nine bonnie lambs, taking it in turns to stroke and pet them.

It has been a truly special occasion, providing the children with a fantastic opportunity to learn about farming and how to care for their new animals.

During their visits, the children have learned why they need to remove their high visibility jackets, so as not to scare the ewe’s, and have been practising dipping their boots on the way in and out of the pen as an infection precaution.

Jubilee encourages children’s appreciation of nature with its varied farming activities. It is these hands-on experiences that develop the children’s understanding of the world around them; teaching them about responsibility, where their food comes from, vital safety skills and the life cycle.

Farming has also been proven to benefit a child’s overall learning and development, improving not only their communication and language skills but their physical, social and emotional development as well.

Jubilee’s farmer, Pete, said: “We get so much pleasure from seeing how the farm enhances the learning and development of so many young lives.

“All of our children love visiting the farm and tending to the animals’ different needs. As well as giving children practical skills and an important sense of responsibility, it also creates a real sense of wonder and enthusiasm about nature and the outside world. We hope that this stays with them long after they have left us.”

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